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Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit

3D Interactive eLearning Resource for Medical Students

The problem that the lecturers found is that they were mainly limited to static 2D images. Images are useful to show one view of the subject, but with complex anatomical structures it is very helpful to have things presented spatially in order to understand their function in a more intuitive way.

To bridge this gap, I decided to create a series of interactive 3D models so that the anatomy could be visualized from any desired perspective. 

Lecturers from the Centre of Anatomy and Human Identification at the University of Dundee were looking for innovative ways to teach their students about the anatomy of the eye and orbit.

The main focus was the clinical testing of the eye, consisting on a series of movements by which the actions of individual nerves and muscles can be isolated.


Interactive 3D models offer great advantages in the learning of anatomy. They can be rotated to show different views and the zoom can be used to better visualize details.

The models can be found on Sketchfab, where the relevant structures were labeled and annotated to make the models even more informative.