Infographics created to illustrate new theoretical model

Emerit Professor Gonzalo Herranz, from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Navarra, proposed a new theory to explain the formation of monozygotic twins in the mother's uterus.

My task was to read and understand this new theory and illustrate it in a simple and understandable way. To do this, I proposed two simple infographics; the first one comparing the formation of a single embryo with the formation of twins, and the second one illustrating Prof. Herranz's new theory. The finished illustrations were included in the University of Navarra's website, in a published interview to the Professor regarding his theory.

The illustrations were also featured in the journal Persona y Bioética by the Universidad de La Sabana:

Nueva teoría sobre los gemelos monozigóticos (New theory on monozygotic twins)

Persona y Bioética Vol.21, Num.2, 344-6 (2017)


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