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A graphical abstract is a great way to visually summarize the key elements of a  scientific journal article to be read at a glance.


It might determine whether a reader stays to learn more about your research, so it has to be designed to capture attention and clearly deliver the take-home message in your article.  


In press



Incorporation of mRNA in Lamellar Lipid Matrices for Parenteral Administration (Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2018, 15 (2), pages 642–651)


Antje Ziller, Sara S. Nogueira, Eva Hühn, Sergio S. Funari, Gerald Brezesinski, Hermann Hartmann, Ugur Sahin, Heinrich Haas, and Peter Langguth†



Graphical Abstract created for BioNTech for their article in the Nanomedicine journal 

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Translating nanoparticulate-personalized cancer vaccines into clinical applications: case study with RNA-lipoplexes for the treatment of melanoma (Nanomedicine, October 2016 ,Vol. 11, No. 20 , Pages 2723-2734)


Stephan Grabbe, Heinrich Haas, Mustafa Diken, Lena M Kranz, Peter Langguth & Ugur Sahin