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A series of illustrations created for a medico-legal case simulation

This project was part of the Medico-Legal Ethics module in the MSc medical art. 

It consisted in producing a presentation and a series of illustrations to help explain medical evidence to the jury as an expert witness in a clear way.

My case concerned a person that suffered from several symptoms caused by the whiplash sustained during a car accident.

I was provided with two radiographs showing the neck of the patient before and after treatment. Radiographs can be difficult to interpret, so my task was to find a way to present this information to an audience that might not have a medical background.


Because of the complexity of the anatomy involved, I created an introductory image to help the jury visualise what the radiograph of a healthy neck might look like.

I added the skull and a silhouette of the head and neck to help place the cervical spine in a familiar context.


The two images above these lines were created by tracing the radiographs of the patient that I had been provided with. Again, the skull and silhouette were added to show the cervical spine in context. During this process I consulted an anatomist for feedback to ensure that the radiographs were traced accurately.

The red line shows the alignment of the patient's vertebrae, while the blue line shows the correct alignment. The placement of both lines over the image allows for comparison and is a clear way to show how greatly the two alignments differ in the 'before' image. This helps show the displacement to the jury in a simple and clear way.