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Created for the MSc Medical Art at the University of Dundee


The aim of this project was to create a sculpture of the head that showed anatomical structures of our choice. The regions of the head and neck contain numerous veins and arteries, which can be challenging to visualize and learn.

For this reason I decided to create a model on which a student could:

  • Clearly visualize most of the relevant veins and arteries in a 3D space -  relative to each other and in relation to other surrounding structures.

  • Test their knowledge - vessels are labeled with numbers rather than names for that purpose. The sculpture can easily be used for independent or group study.

The left side of the sculpture displays deeper structures, while the right side presents more superficial ones. This way, the number of veins and arteries depicted was maximized.

At the back of the sculpture, he names of the vessels can be found next to their corresponding number. This can be very useful for testing and consulting.

Progress: Coming soon